Hometown Mysteries 2 – The Case of the Sleazy Manager

“Hometown Mysteries: The Case of the Sleazy Manager” marks the second chapter in a riveting trilogy, skillfully written and directed by the award-winning filmmaker Rob Letourneau. This installment follows the relentless pursuit of justice by Stacey Sleuth as she delves into a local murder mystery within her hometown. Filmed in and around the Ottawa area, the narrative unfolds against the backdrop of the city’s picturesque surroundings.

Featuring standout performances by Murph Hickey and Nicholas Maillet, the storyline revolves around a seasoned detective’s quest for answers. The murder mystery intertwines with the dreams of a local band aiming to break into the touring scene. The film captures the essence of both a small-town thriller and a crime drama, engaging audiences with its compelling plot and dynamic characters.

As Stacey Sleuth navigates the complexities of the case, viewers are taken on a suspenseful journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. The unique blend of local charm and intriguing storytelling adds depth to the narrative, making “Hometown Mysteries: The Case of the Sleazy Manager” a must-watch for fans of mystery and crime genres. With its roots firmly planted in the Ottawa community, this cinematic gem promises an immersive experience that keeps audiences eagerly anticipating the trilogy’s thrilling conclusion.

Hometown Mysteries – The Case of the Sleazy Manager


Murph Hickey        –         Stacey  Sleuth

Nick Maillet          –           Detective Jackson Davies

Wendy Martin      –            Peggy Sleuth

Dave Campbell     –           Steve

Rob Lauzon             –        Vince Barns

Lauren Solski –                 Cindy

Matt Armstrong     –          Francis

Laurie Ann Crawford  –     Chief Detective Dunn

Anna Kemp      –               Wendy

Kelly Fitzpatrick      –          Lilly

Maria Valdez       –             Jennifer

Charlii Mac        –              Laurie

Paul Pacquet         –            Mr. Bill

Jessie Edwards       –        Karen

Vicky-Lynn Cox        –         Nellie 

Arlana Gillis       –              Penelopy

Justin Seguin     –               Mr. Howard

Melissa du Pree      –        Tamara

JC Hardy     –                    Nathan

Emma Bauer     –               Terry

Trevor Watters       –            Paul

Heidi Becker      –               Emma

Martin Gomez      –             Harry

Kamryn Seguin          –       Linda

Ellen Mildred        –              Magenta

Heidi Becker        –              Kareoke hostess Sassy Sally

Sebastien Christensen –     Roger

Dianne Charboneau  –        Robyn

Steve Kettles    –                  extra

Vincent De Carufel   –          extra

Angela Astwood     –            extra

Michelle Bainbridge   –        extra

Derek Petch        –                extra

Cara Leilani Waters     –        extra

Mona Robillard             –       extra

Danny Robillard          –         extra

Linda Pepin             –              extra

Mike  Tessier         –                extra 

Ranjith Mathew     –                extra

Nancy Desroches   –               extra

Yasemin Gumus   –                  extra

Katie Knox Schubrink             extra



Rob Letourneau

Producer/line editor/casting

Judy Letourneau

Assistant Director/stage manager/casting

Kellie Sarazin AD1

Libby Feldman AD2

Makeup/costumes /casting

Wendy Martin

Nicole Chartrand

Rachel Wolfe

Hair Design/costumes/acting

Melissa du Pree

Actors Captain/Production assistance/casting

Murph Hickey

Locations/production assistance/casting

Laurie Ann Crawford

Rob Letourneau


Rob Letourneau

Rachel Durling

Grant Fillion

Shiraz Biltz

Murray Oliver


Sebastien Christensen

Kevin du Pree

JS Boyer

Murph Hickey


Todd Fraser

Mireille Normandeau

Production assistance

Libby Feldmann

Mireille Normandeau

Todd Fraser

Grant Fillion

Murray Oliver

Murph Hickey

Laurie Ann Crawford

JS Boyer

Jenny Gorman

Stunt Coordinator/Dance Choreography

Murph Hickey

Music Background

Rob Letourneau

Tony Gamble

Graphic Design/poster

Francis Dupuis

Animal Actors

Big Al Letourneau

Smokey Letourneau

Cinder Letourneau

Mavi Ned Gumus 

Li’l Ed Crawford


HTG – High Tech Genesis 

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Shenkman Arts Center

Orleans Ottawa

Ottawa General Contractors

Stittsville, Ontario

McMartin House

John  Fenik – Perth Ontario

Chris & Melissa Du Pree

Kemptville Ontario

Watters Financual Group

Trevor Watters – Winchester Ontario

Scott & Liz

Blackburn Arms Pub

Blackburn Hamlet Ontario

Anna Kemp

Almonte Ontario

Patrick Cavanaugh

Almonte Ontario

Rob & Judy Letourneau

Orleans Ontario

Diane Charboneau

Orleans Ontario

Lee Demarbre & Markus Fenn

Mayfair Theatre 

Ottawa Ontario



All Songs Socan Registered 

Made in Canada