I Need a Christmas Vacation

“I Need a Christmas Vacation” is a heartwarming holiday comedy that follows the misadventures of Dave Abrams, portrayed by Dave Coleman, whose life takes a chaotic turn just days before Christmas. As Dave faces a cascade of unfortunate events, including a potential corporate takeover threatening his father’s company, he finds an unexpected ally in his resourceful co-worker, Cindy West, played by Shannon McLellan.

In a desperate bid to save the family business, Dave and Cindy embark on a hilarious and heartwarming journey through the bureaucratic maze of “City Hall.” Along the way, they encounter eccentric characters, bureaucratic red tape, and a series of comical mishaps that test their resilience and friendship. As the clock ticks down to Christmas, Dave and Cindy discover the true meaning of the holiday season and the strength that comes from facing challenges together.

“I Need a Christmas Vacation” is a delightful blend of humor, heart, and holiday spirit. With its charismatic leads, witty dialogue, and a plot that unfolds like a festive rollercoaster, this film is a perfect addition to the Christmas movie tradition. Get ready for a joyful ride filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a dash of holiday magic as Dave and Cindy prove that sometimes, the best gifts come in the form of unexpected friendships and the resilience to navigate life’s curveballs.

Our third ‘Official Selection’ for this Christmas film. A bigger film festival in LA, USA
Miami Indie Film Festival – ‘Official Selection’ – Feature Film 2022
Our First ‘Official Selection’ at this years High Tatras Film Festival in Slovakia, we have been chosen in the Indie Feature Film Catagory at this years Film Festival 2022.
Semi Finalist Award – Feature Film 2022

Film Festivals and Awards

  1. High Tatras Film Festival ‘Official Selection’- Slovakia 2022
  2. High Tatras Film Festival ‘Semi Finalist – Feature Film’ – Slovakia 2022
  3. Miami International Film Festival – ‘Official Selection’ – Miami, USA 2022
  4. Holiday 365 International Film Festival – ‘Official Selection’ – Los Angeles USA 2022
  5. Top Film Awards – ‘Official Selection’ – International Online Film Festival Europe 2022
  6. Beyond Entertainment Family Film, Screenwriting & Music Festival 2022
  7. Yule Film Festival – ‘Official Selection’ USA 2022

A Christmas Comedy Feature Film to be filmed in Ottawa, it is currently involved in submissions to a few film festivals. 


Shannon McLellan

Dave Coleman

Jason Harley

Matt Armstrong

Heddy Sorour


Angel Adair

Dave Campbell

Mark Templin

Heidi Becker

Elroy Jelinek

Ellen Mildred

Diane Charbonneau

Prem Anand

John Fenik

Sharena Campo

Henry Shikongo

Charlii Mac

Mac Dale

Rachel Hunt

Katherine Stella Duncan

Rob Lauzon

Steve Kettles

Murphy Hickey

Wendy Martin

Ryley Norris

Aisha El Shennawy

Joni Thornley

Mirani Kannangara

Vincent De Carufel