Hometown Mysteries – Murder under the Hood

Hometown Mysteries – Murder Under the Hood

Hometown Mysteries 3 – Murder Under the Hood

Cast & Crew

Dave Campbell – Steve

Heddy Sorour – Elizabeth

Matt Armstrong – Henry

Rob Lauzon – Howie

Jinbao Fu – Charlie

Mike Strathearn – Stan

Jacy Lafontaine – Tracey

Isabelle Bidal – Naomi

Wendy Martin – Peggy

Anna Kemp – Wendy

Julia Canning – Patty

Natalie Semchuk – Debbie

Jenn Pirili – Emma

Yvette Besner – CSI Montana

Petra Watzlawik-Li – Coroner Dr. Kim

Vicky-Lynn cox – The Doc (Coroners office)

Desmond Faithil – Ben – Lab Technician Ben

Jennifer Hennessy – Donna

Shawna-Marie Girn – Westside

Alex Palermo-Simms – Tommy

Emilia Potochnyak – Cynthia

Ellen Mildred – Magenta

Trevor Watters – Alfred

Arlana Gillis – Lisa Sims

Evana Saikley – Olivia

Kellie Fitzpatrick – Shelly

Laurie-Anne Crawford – Chief Dunn

Patrick Mercurio – Randy

Caitlyn Knights – Suzy

Diane Charbonneau – Stewy

Jennifer Bellchambers – Linda

Alex Dimitriu – Ken

Melissa du Pree – Sally

Favour Shittu – Paul

Heidi Becker – Sheila

Suzy Baril – Lynn

Heather Sagmeister – Kayla

Brendon Ly – Jia

Paul Paquet -Mr. Bill

Murph Hickey – Stacey Sleuth

JS Boyer – Mark

Lauren Solski – Cynthia

Dave Gorman – Officer Burke

Rod Whitford – Officer McCoy

Ryan Young – Mechanic

Gabriel Desjardins – Mechanic

Jehqwoum Beauchamp – Mechanic

Shannon Lyrette – extra

Richard Tippins – extra

Lawrence King – extra

Flavio George – extra

Earl Foster – extra

Mona Robillard – extra

Danny Robillard – extra

Derek Petch – extra

Angela Astwood – extra

Cara Waters – extra

Duncan Gillibrand – extra

Yasemin Gumus – extra

Nizar (Nick) Joel – extra


Judy Letourneau – Producer/Casting/Props/Catering

Rob Letourneau – Writer/director/editor

Kellie Sarazin – Assistant Director/Casting/Catering

Wendy Martin – Makeup Technician/Casting

Yasemin Gumus – Hair Technician

Francis Dupuis – Graphic Designs

Rachel Durling – Camera Operator / Photography

Marika Provencal – Camera Operator / Production Assistant

Kimberly Carr – Audio technician

Shyanne Anderson – Script Assistant / Production Assistant

Adisyn Burns – Production Assistant

Kellie Fitzpatrick – Legal Team

Shawna-Marie Girn – Production Assistant

Mike Strathearn – Lighting Technician

Locations Assistance – Laurie Ann Crawford

JS Boyer – Production Assistance

Graeme Hay – Podcast Host Interviewer

Movie Synopsis

A murder mystery in a three part movie series. Follow the team as they work towards solving the crime in their hometown.Hot rods and fancy cars are not quick enough for this hometown team.


Black Cherry Band

Rob Letourneau

Tony Gamble

Line Editing

Lea Libiseja

Judy Letourneau


Mike Strathearn

Graphic Design

Francis Dupuis

Production Assistance

Bruce Olive


Matt Armstrong

Jeff Lichty –

Stunt Coordinator

Bruce Olive

Animal Mascots

Big Al

Smokey Blue

Cinder Sue

Special Thank You

Watters Investment Group

– Trevor Watters – Winchester ON

Lions Club Car Rally

– Shannon Lyrette – Ottawa ON

Co-operators Insurance Winchester

– Jordan Doran

Lannin’s Garage – Chesterville ON

Financual Horizons Carling Ave. – Ottawa ON

Durrand Automotive Car Rally – Ottawa ON

Cheo Car Rally Innis Road – Ottawa ON

Arnold & Sharon – Arnprior ON

Jim Murray & Family – ON

Laurie Anne Crawford – Arnprior ON

Anderson Automotive – Arnprior ON

Blackburn Arms Pub

– Scott & Liz – Blackburn Hamlet ON

Solid Rock Realty – Ottawa ON

– Ann-Marie Fern

DNA Automotive & Drift Shop – Rockland ON

– Ryan Young, Gabriel Desjardins, Jehqwoum Beauchamp

Lukesville Dragway – Lukesville QC

  • Arnie Malcolm
  • Drivers: Phil Harvey, Russell Adams, Gord Harling, Brock Godmaire, Terry Miron, Daniel & Alex Langtot, & many others.

OnRoute Automotive Sales & Repairs

  • Nizar (Nick) Joel