Welcome to Songwind Studios

What do we do you ask…we write, direct, and produce music and films. We originally started when our owner, Rob Letourneau, decided it was time to branch out from writing music. Where, he wondered, can I get our original music heard by more people…films was the answer that came to him rather quickly. Having had experience working with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and a graduate of Trebas Institute he was no stranger to video and audio production.

We have a great team of dedicated passionate people who are doing all of this for the Love of film and being on a great team. Like anything in the entertainment business it takes years to create success and revenue. We have done all of this as a weekend hobby and as we gain more attention through film festivals and showings we continue to enjoy the work and the time we spend together.

Our latest film, Hometown Mysteries is currently showing at film festivals. We are looking at releasing our second feature film in the series for ‘Hometown Mysteries – The Case of the Sleazy Manager’, in the fall of 2023. We are very honored to have received so many laurels and awards. Our recent wins have been for ‘Best Feature Narrative’ in NY city at the International Futures Awards Film Festival in June 2023. We also received the top feature film award in Santa Monica California at the ‘Santa Monica Film Awards’ winning the ‘ Best Crime Feature Award’. We would also like to mention our ‘Best Low Budget Feature Film Award’ at the Dallas Movie Awards Film Festival in May 2023.

We want to thank everyone for their kind volenteer work with us since we are an independant film company. We also help many students at Algonquin College getting their hours for community service. We also want to thank the many volenteers who help us along the way. This is a passion for many.

A Double-edged Sword
I need a Christmas Vacation
Hometown Mysteries – A Farmhouse Murder